The Pre-Construction Program

With more than 65 years combined experience & thousands of homes built in Tampa Bay, Smith Custom Homes Pre-Construction Program can take that dusty old vacant lot listing and turn it into huge commissions!

Here's how the program works:


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Site Assessment

We complete a Site Assessment on your vacant land listing to determine site costs to build such as well, septic, fill tree clearing, etc.

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Then based on home comparables you give us for the area, we'll match it with on of our Smith Custom Homes in our portfolio, and provide all the details needed.



This is where it gets good! Through beautiful signage, digital marketing, social media and email marketing, we help market your vacant land to prospective buyers, and when we find a new home buyer to build on that lot, you earn 3-6% commission on a brand new home!!

This program is completely FREE to you and your seller. Give us a call today or click the link below to get your free site assessment.


Fill out he form below for more information about our Pre-Construction Program.



Broker Co-Op Policy



Online or Walk-in registrations - To ensure accurate information, when an agent registers a buyer with Smith Custom Homes’  we ask that the registration be filled out by the agent.

Phone Registrations – We understand that many agents are too busy to accompany each buyer to every model center. While we would prefer agents to be with the buyer at time of registration, phone registrations are allowed. However, please be aware that the agent must still fill out a registration form on our website, at The buyer must confirm at our first meeting that they are indeed working with the agent.

Registration Protection Period – Any agent that registers a buyer with Smith Custom Homes is under the protection of our registration policy for 30 days from date of registration. As long as a Registration form is completed, the agent registered will be included on the client’s sale of a Smith Custom home during this 30 day period.


Agent Participation

Smith Custom Homes prefers that agents take a proactive approach when dealing with their clients. It is important for agents to be an active participant in each meeting we have with your client. While it is not always possible to be at every meeting, we do encourage agents to be present to service their clients the best way possible, and assist in the contract process.



Smith Custom Homes pays to brokers involved on a home sale a 3% commission on the contracted price of the home. We also pay the broker commission 30 days after the foundation is complete on the home.


Broker Discounts

Occasionally, a broker will authorize an agent to give a buyer a discount, or “waive” their commissions to a buyer. Smith Custom Homes does not allow any discounts of this manner or commissions to be waived. For tax purposes and required by the Internal Revenue Service, all commissions due must be paid to the broker of record. Any discounts or refunds to the buyer may be negotiated through that broker.


Unlicensed Activity

According to F.S. 475.41, No contract for a commission or compensation for any act or service enumerated in section 475.01 (3) is valid unless the broker or sales associate has complied with this chapter in regard to issuance and renewal of the license at the time the act or service was performed. Any unlicensed activity will be reported to the Florida Division of Real Estate.

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