Building a Custom Home

The most important factor in choosing a custom builder is the building process. We have developed a simple way to visualize this process called our “Pathway To Your Dream Home.” The pathway is a guide that helps you understand the custom homebuilding process and what to expect along the way. Scroll down to view this guide in detail.

Our Process


Beginning with our signature "Dream Home Consultation" we will design a custom floor plan specifically for you, and then present a budget for your new home. Most of all, we want you to be the "designer" of your new dream home!


Navigating the financial waters of a construction loan can be challenging. Along with our lender partners, we will help you decide what financing option is best for you and your family.


After we have executed our purchase agreement, we will finish your building blueprints, engineering and submit to the local municipality to obtain a building permit.


Construction begins! As the dream become a reality, we work with out trade partners to make sure every stage of construction is completed with the highest level of quality & expertise.


One of the most valuable aspects of buying a new home is its warranty. As a member of the 2-10 Home Warranty Program, we offer a 1-year builder warranty, 2-year mechanical warranty, and a 10-year structural warranty for one reason: your peace of mind.

Pathway To Your Dream Home

Pathway To Your Dream Home image below to read about our process in detail.

Dream Home Consultation
Our first step is to have a meeting we call a "Dream Home Consultation". During this consultation, you'll meet one on one with the owners of Smith Custom Homes to learn more about our experience, process, communication and quality. More importantly, it's our opportunity to listen to you about your wants and needs for your new dream home.
Design Agreement
Next, we enter into a Design Agreement. Our design team will design a custom floor plan (CFP) just for you based on information collected during the Dream Home Consultation. We'll also design a front elevation and have one of our talented artists create a 3D photorealistic exterior rendering to help you envision how your new home will look when it is completed!
Loan Pre-Approval
Before we move forward on designing your new dream home, we will need a pre-approval issued by a local mortgage lender. Don't worry, we have some great lender partners to help you through the process.
Design & Estimate
Once the custom floor plan, elevation and rendering are complete, we will put together a budget for your new home. Once that budget is complete, we'll meet with you again to review the plan and budget before moving on to the Purchase Agreement.
Purchase Agreement
Once the floor plan and elevation are just right and you are ready to build your new home, we'll enter into a purchase agreement and begin the process of drawing final blueprints, engineering, and permits to begin construction.
Design Choices
At your "Design Day", our professional interior designer will guide you through making your design choices by visiting the design studio to select cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting and other personalizations.
Loan Approval and Closing
After the purchase agreement is complete, your lender (if you are using financing) will issue a loan approval, then will set up the construction loan closing.
Pre-Construction Orientation
Once a building permit is issued from the local municipality, we'll meet again to perform a Pre-Construction Orientation. We will go over each selection, the floor plan, electrical plan, etc. so you are aware of the entire building plan. Please Note: The pre-construction orientation is not a time to make changes. Any changes to the floor plan or design choices should be made before we submit for permit.
Construction Start
We have begun! The dream is becoming a reality. We will install the plumbing and underground utilities, then pour the foundation of your brand new home.
Pre-Drywall Orientation
Your new home begins to take shape! The walls start going up, the roof is put on, and electric and insulation are installed. Before the drywall is put up, we'll meet at the site to have a Pre-Drywall Orientation. This is to clarify outlet locations, the design choices you've made, where the flooring is going, etc.
Executive Inspection
It is crucial to our success that we "inspect what we expect". That's why an executive inspection is completed on every single Smith Custom Home-to ensure that we are delivering the very best quality craftsmanship.etc.
New Home Orientation
Your dream home is ready! Once construction and inspections have been completed, we'll have a New Home Orientation to educate you about the structure and systems of your new home. Once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the local municipality, and the lender issues the final funds, you're ready to move in!
60-Day Warranty Check-Up
Sixty days after we deliver keys to your new home, we'll perform a 60-day Warranty Check-Up to ensure everything in the home is performing as intended.
11-Month Warranty Check-Up
1 months into your 1-year builder warranty, we will once again check in to make sure everything is working as it should be, and explain the process for the remainder of your warranty.
Refer Friends!
Nothing is better than showing off your new home to your friends, family and neighbors. If you know anyone else who wants to build their dream home, please let us know. We will take great care of them!